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COVID-19 CT & X-ray Image Data Stock

Covid 19 CT & Radiograph Image Data Stock

The aim of COVID-19 CT & X-ray Image Data Stock is to create a public pool of CT and X-ray images of lungs to increase the efficiency of distinguishing COVID-19 from other types of pneumonia and from healthy lungs. We hope this can help to prepare a "ground" for distinguishing between newly discovered and already known viruses and bacteria strains causing pneumonia in order to improve diagnostics
in the event of subsequent pandemics. For this reason we included COVID-19-negative samples of several classes which include healthy chest (negative control) and various types of pneumonia (bacterial, fungal, viral). The images which constitute COVID-19 CT & X-ray Image Data Stock were compiled from public sources. Most of the images come from websites with image collections and about 150 images were collected from online publications.
The attributes in a data stock are shown in the table below (Table 1).

The database prepared by us is available for everyone registered in Image Service.
Until the inhibition of COVID-19 pandemic, the database will be updated monthly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Registration to Image Service is free.

Table 1. The attributes of the COVID-19 CT & X-ray Image Data Stock.
Attribute Description
patient ID internal identifier
file name name of the file including extension
type of image X-ray or CT
section of image sagittal, axial or coronal
diagnosis healthy chest, COVID-19, bacterial pneumonia, viral pneumonia, fungal pneumonia, or ARDS
presence of marks presence of marks marked by radiologist
group train/valid/test belonging to the train, valid or test group
lung presence the entire surface of the lungs are visible, invisible lungs or only part of the lungs are visible
origin URL of the paper or website where the image came from
suitable/not suitable for diagnosis information if image is suitable or not for diagnosis

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