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diCELLa Scratch ASSAY

Wound healing assay, also called a scratch assay is one of the most commonly used tests to study directional and collective movements of adherent cells growing in a monolayer. We prepare application which analyse images from scratch assay. Our software allows you to receive the results quickly from your experiments.

Fast analysis of scratch assay - just do it now!

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diCELLa Counting SYSTEM

The time at the microscope counting cells is both laborious and time-consuming. Assays such as drug compound toxicity, cell proliferation, and inhibition of cell division have a need to assess the number or density of cells in a well. We develop an appliaction which can count cell in fast, objective, reproducible way.

Counting cells - fast, objective, reproducible - do it with us!

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diCELLa Angiogenesis ASSAY

Angiogenesis or formation of new blood vessels from preexisting vasculature is a key process in some physiological conditions such as wound healing, growth, and action of female reproductive organs. We develop an application which analyse angiogenesis assay, so just use it in your research.

Angiogenesis assay - do analysis in the right way!

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diCELLa Cytotoxicity ASSAY

The cytotoxicity is a very important aspect, as destruction of healthy living cells around the wound will have a negative impact on the healing process. Out application allows to make a quick, fully automated evaluation of live/death cells. It is dedicated for fluorescence staining with propidium iodide and AM calcein.

Cytotoxicity - check the quality of being toxic to cells

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diCELLa White ADIPOSE Tissue

Obesity is characterized by an expansion of white adipose tissue mass that results from an increase in the size and the number of adipocytes. We develop an application which can analyse such assay. By this we can help you with your research.

White Adipose Tissue Assay analysis can be effective - just do it with us!

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The phemenon of cell’s migration is the main process during the development and life of multicellular organisms. It can be observed during tissue development in the time of embryogenesis, during wound healing or immune response. The application uses advanced image analysis methods to interpret the movements of cells in order to discover behavioural and shape changes. Such analysis simplifies understanding of mechanisms causing these changes.

Analyze cells’ movement in the right way

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We have developed an esemble model that allows to perform the automatic nuclei detection on the images, including fluorescent likewise steaming from a biopsy after staining by the most frequently used hematoxylin and eosin.

Label nuclei with boosted effectiveness using our app!

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diCELLa COVID classify

The application analyzes X-Ray and CT lung scans from patients with suspected COVID-19. The software classify the the data and allows to obtain the results quickly.

Fast analysis of CT or X-Ray Lung scans - just do it now!

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