diCELLa White ADIPOSE Tissue application for white adipose tissue assay analysis

What it is?

diCELLa White ADIPOSE Tissue is an application that allows you to quickly analyze results of your experiment. Given only unmodified images our algorithm detects adipose tissue cells and provides you with a number of useful information.

The algorithm:

  • allows to analyze a wide range of images coming from different imaging devices,
  • works on cells stained with hematoxylin and eosin solution,
  • is suitable for experiments exploring increase in the size and the number of adipocytes under different conditions.

Our solution is fast, automatic, reliable

How to use it?

To use the diCELLa White ADIPOSE Tissue you need to upload a number of images (max. size 7MB per image) in any image format. The software works on images taken using light microscope.

Results are available to download in txt or pdf format just few seconds after running the experiment in Image Service. They consist of cell amount, mean cell area, along with other statistical information. Output image is also available, with each adipose tissue cell marked in different color.

Create an account on our Image Service platform, buy dicellons and exchange them to upload your images.

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