diCELLa Angiogenesis ASSAY application for angiogenesis assay analysis

What it is?

diCELLa Angiogenesis ASSAY is an application that allows you to quickly analyze results from the Matrigel assay for angiogenesis. Given only unmodified images our algorithm provides you with a number of useful information on the experiment, two images and a text file with calculated statistics.

Our solution:

  • enables automatic processing and analysis of images,
  • makes the investigation reproducible and easy to perform,
  • decreases significantly the analysis time compared to other methods,
  • increases the analysis’ accuracy in comparison to manual counting,

diCELLa Angiogenesis ASSAY is fast, automatic, reliable and most of all helps you avoid time-consuming and not always ideal manual analysis.

How to use it?

To use the diCELLa Angiogenesis ASSAY you need to upload a number of images (max. size 7MB) in any image format. The software can analyze images taken in the contrast phase by any method.

Results are available to download in CVS format just after running the experiment in Image Service. They consist of number of extremities, number of nodes, number of master junctions, total meshes area and more. It is also possible to generate a movie.

Create an account on our Image Service platform, buy diCELLons and exchange them to for our analysis.

If you want to use your results in a scientific paper or during a speech at a scientific conference, contact us to get a discount!